Requirements to Join: Physician Assistants
Community Health Alliance

Requirements to Join: Physician Assistants

  1. Current license or certification from the State in which he/she is practicing.
  2. Successfully completed an educational program for physician assistants accredited by an accrediting agency.
  3. Has passed the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination administered by the NCCPA and has maintained certification requirements of 100 hours of CME every two years and pass the national recertification every six years.
  4. Letter from Physician Assistant giving name, address, and telephone number of supervising physician. Supervising physician(s) must be currently participating in Community Health Alliance with privileges at a CHA Network hospital or signed the Agreement Regarding Hospitalized Patients.
  5. Written agreement with supervising physician identifying the P.A. and stating that physician is supervising the work of the P.A., as required by law. The P.A. must provide medical services that are within the scope of practice of supervising physician. Physician must indicate names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any other P.A.(s) that he/she is supervising. For Indiana Providers: Supervision must be verifiable via the I.P.L.A. (Indiana Profession Licensing Agency).
  6. Malpractice Insurance at least to the level required by the state in which you practice.

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