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Thank you for your interest in Community Health Alliance providers. Please use the form below to search for a provider.

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If looking for a hospital based provider (examples: Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiologists, Radiologist, Pathology) please contact Member Services at 888-689-2242.

In addition to Indiana and Michigan providers, Community Health Alliance also has access to Centers for Excellence which include:

CHA also has the pleasure to work with other networks. Please consult your membership card to see if any of the networks below are part of your plan.

This provider search contains information about providers that participate in the CHA network in Indiana and Michigan, and is for reference purposes only. CHA makes every effort to ensure that the most current and accurate data are posted on this website. This website is updated weekly as information is received from the providers. CHA does not pay claims and does not guarantee payment for services based on participation. CHA is not responsible for closed practices or charges incurred at an out-of-network facility. Questions concerning CHA provider participation can be directed to Member Services at 888.689.2242.