Requirements to Join: Medical and Osteopathic Doctors
Community Health Alliance

Requirements to Join: Medical and Osteopathic Doctors

  1. Have a valid, current, unrestricted license in the state(s) in which he/she will be providing care for CHA members.
  2. Have a valid, current, unrestricted Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) registration* and/or Controlled Substance Registration (CSR) or evidence that it is not required to deliver appropriate care in his/her specialty.
  3. Carry adequate professional liability coverage in the amount required by state law to qualify as a health care provider under the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act or Michigan State requirements.
  4. Have current clinical privileges in good standing at a CHA participating hospital or evidence that it is not required to deliver appropriate care in his/her specialty.
  5. Board certification from a specialty board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialty (ABMS) or American Osteopathic Associates (AOA) or be Board Eligible and within 4 years of completion of an accepted residency program.
  6. In St. Joseph County providers will need to meet all MMA Criteria as outlined and be approved by MMA for membership prior to an application being considered for participation.

* Clarification of DEA Registration Requirements for Individual Practitioners

Effective January 2007, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) amended its registration regulations to make it clear that when an individual practitioner practices in more than one State, he or she must obtain a separate DEA registration for each State. This amendment will make it easier for practitioners to understand the requirements of the Controlled Substances Act and its implementing regulations. CHA requires proof of the updated DEA when credentialing or recredentialing providers.

Note: A provider with an out of state DEA registration that will be practicing exclusively in Indiana, will only have to obtain a change of address for his/her DEA and it will not be necessary for the provider to apply for an additional DEA

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