Employer Satisfaction Survey
Community Health Alliance

Employer Satisfaction Survey

CHA would like to find out how our staff is doing in supporting our clients. World Class Customer Service is our mission and one of our overall goals. In order to provide you with a high level of service it is important to receive feedback from you and your co-workers. Please indicate the level of service you receive from CHA. Thank you!

Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the following CHA services.

The marketing representative's knowledge about your questions and their ability to find a resolution.

The promptness of response and follow-up to questions and issues.

The clarity of the information that was presented to you.

The overall service you receive from the staff at CHA.

The information provided in the CHA Newsletter.

The information available on the CHA website.

The likelihood that you will recommend CHA to others.

Any additional comments about CHA?

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