Community Health Alliance


Provider and patientCommunity Health Alliance is a network of carefully selected providers and hospitals working together in a cooperative effort to control the cost of healthcare. The network is accessed by employer groups as well as third party administrators (TPA). When a member receives services from a preferred provider, their benefits are paid at a higher level.


Please notify CHA of any physician terms immediately. Failure to report terminations to CHA can result in a delay in credentialing their new location(s), causing issues in claim payment & processing.

New Requirements for NPs, PAs, CNMs and CRNAs

Please print new requirements for NPs, PAs, CNMs and CRNAs. Changes are effective immediately.

CHA Fee Schedules

CHA Fee Schedules are updated annually for a January 1st effective date. Additional codes can be added beginning in January for an effective date of January 1st.

How to Join CHA

If you are interested in applying for participation in the CHA network or have any questions, please contact the Provider Relations Department at 574-647-1043 (Angela Corbett). We will promptly forward you an application packet and contract.

After submitting your application for participation in the CHA network, you will have the opportunity at any time during the credentialing process to request the status of your application by contacting the credentialing department. You will also be given the opportunity to correct any erroneous information obtained during the credentialing process that varies from the information you provided.

Disclaimer: This information is for informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute professional advice as circumstances may vary. CHA is not liable for information contained on this site. Fee schedule information applies only to M.D.s and D.O.s, not to any other Allied or Behavioral Health providers. CPT code allowables are global and do not represent modifiers. Information contained on this website is subject to change.